Welcome to Cavalry Consulting Limited

Welcome to Cavalry Consulting, a Wellington based consulting company delivering professional outsourced sales programmes.
We can work with you full time, part time or assist with a project.

Jump clear 
of the competition:

  • Align your messages to ‘todays’ market climate.
  • Get an independent assessment of your sales performance.
  • Review your sales people and structure.
  • Create pragmatic sales strategies.
  • Access the competition and find their weaknesses.
  • Understand and discover the true market needs.
  • Introduce new products with a co-ordinated go-to-market plan.

Benefits of 
working with us:

  • Improved sales revenues.
  • Better use of resources (people, money).
  • Clear understanding of your sales issues, matched by clear, proven solutions.
  • A clear route to sales strategy.
  • Better and more accurate forecasting.
  • Fast and immediate execution.
  • Significant return on investment.
  • Cavalry Consulting will be your sales force when you need us, no need for costly investments in salespeople and the hassle of full time management.

Cost vs. Return
on Investment

  • We offer fixed price services- so there are no costly surprises.
  • We work in phases - so you don’t commit everything, up front.
  • We have clear proposals - so you know what we will do.
  • We have clear costs - so you can see the value we can add.
  • We have clear deliverables - so you know what you are getting.
  • We work smart - so we don’t waste our time or your money.
  • We can share risk - so we have ‘skin’ in the game.

What we can offer your business

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